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Software Policy

Bingotingo takes great pride in its transparency with customers, partners, and the operating market. In support of this principle, the purpose of this Software Policy is to inform developers, users, advertisers, and the general public of the rules regulating the software and applications available on Bingotingo sites, as well as their conduct. Certain Bingotingo websites and services have additional language-specific requirements.

Basic Principles

  • The software or application should provide a transparent value proposition to consumers.
  • Bingotingo reserves the right to exclude from its websites any software or applications that, in its sole discretion, Bingotingo identifies as malware, spyware, or infections, or as potential privacy risks to users.
  • The accidental distribution of software or applications (also known as “drive-by downloads”) without user consent will not be permitted.

Disclosure and clear behavior

  • At the time of installation, users should have a clear understanding of the software’s primary and most important functions, as well as its effects on their computers.
  • The application or software should have a verified signature obtained from a reputable certificate authority.
  • The landing page for the software or application must plainly identify the software or application’s proprietor by displaying a valid physical mailing address and email address.
  • Before installing the software or application, the user must be able to examine and approve the applicable Terms of Service (TOS) or End User License Agreement (EULA) and privacy policy.
  • On the user’s device, the software or application should not be silently deployed.
  • Users must be given a meaningful opportunity to evaluate all proposed installation options and system changes when installing software, and they must not be misled or tricked into approving such changes.
  • Users should have the option to “skip all” on the first offer page for all ads or offers included in integrated software, or if the user declines the first offer, he should not receive any additional offers.
  • The user should be able to see and understand the name of each integrated application before downloading it.
  • Neither the primary software nor any application integrated with it may perform ad injection.
  • Software and applications should not engage in deceptive behavior, such as false advertising or fear tactics.
  • Software and applications should not exhibit unanticipated behavior, including but not limited to the following:
  • negatively influence system performance beyond reasonable user expectations
  • Avoiding the technical protection measures of other applications or content Sniffing or modifying network traffic, unless this is the disclosed essential functionality of the software
  • Take steps to avoid anti-malware analysis.
  • The user should be clearly notified of software and application updates. If the update affects a critical function, the user will be required to provide approval.
  • Software and applications are required to adhere to current browser modification policies.
  • Software and applications that collect or transmit personally identifiable information must do so in a transparent manner by explicitly stating the information that will be gathered or transmitted.
  • Financial and other sensitive data should never be transmitted without encryption.
  • No software or application should transmit spam.

Clear Uninstallation Process

  • It should be simple for users to disable or remove any application or software from their system or device.
  • Users should not be charged for software or application removal, nor should they be required to complete a cumbersome series of unrelated uninstall tasks.
  • Users should not be presented with new offers during or after the uninstallation procedure.
  • If the user is presented with additional options, the option to uninstall the software or application should be the most prominent.
  • Uninstallation cannot affect unrelated files or employ other techniques or fear tactics to prevent removal. A misleading claim about negative effects on the user’s computer or privacy is an example of this strategy.
  • Software and applications that alter or alter the parameters of a computer should be reverted. The browser must plainly indicate how the user can reverse any modifications made by the browser.
  • Once the software or application has been deactivated or deleted, it may not leave behind any remnants or programs, nor may it remain active or be automatically enabled by itself or another software or application.

Bingotingo reserves the right to promptly reject or blacklist any software or applications that violate this policy or are deemed detrimental to its users, image, or interests, at its sole discretion. This policy is continuously revised. We rely on your assistance to detect security breaches and enhance it, so please do not hesitate to contact us.